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If part of your New Year plan is to finally have the plastic surgery you’ve been dreaming of completed, you might not be sure where to begin. As a medical expense that you must pay for out of pocket you might be tempted to “shop around” to select a plastic surgeon, but if you’ve ever seen an episode of Botched you will understand the importance of selecting someone with the proper credentials. Here’s what you should be considering before you finalize your budget.

Start With A Consultation—To Pay Or Not To Pay?

The training, board certification, before and after results, bedside manner, operating facility, staff, and the anesthesiologist should all be taken into consideration before you select your surgeon. You must also feel confident in and have a sense of trust with the surgeon you choose. None of these essentials can be determined without a consultation. While some Scottsdale offices offer free consultations, many are with the patient coordinator—not the surgeon who will perform your procedure. It would be like going in for a consultation with a cardiologist and sitting down with the receptionist to discuss the details of your heart condition.

While we charge a $100 consultation fee, you will meet with Dr. Bash for the entire consult, and then meet with the patient coordinator to review the costs of surgery.  Remember—only a doctor, nurse practitioner (NP) or licensed physician assistant (PA-C) can legally give medical advice in Arizona, and that includes giving advice about which plastic surgery procedure is best for you.

Why Plastic Surgery Prices Vary

There are a variety of reasons that plastic surgery prices vary. If your plan is to call around asking for price quotes you must understand that not all procedures can be accurately priced over the phone. For example, a Mommy Makeover could include any combination of liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, and more. Liposuction alone could be required in multiple body areas, which would impact the cost.

Another reason price can vary, is that not all plastic surgeons have the same plan of action. Where some surgeons might just do a breast augmentation to get you to your dream cup size, a tenured plastic surgeon can tell you if also require a breast lift to achieve the perky and youthful look you desire.

Last but not least, the price may be related to where the surgeon is cutting costs. Are they a board-certified plastic surgeon? What type of operating facility do they use? Do they have trained staff on hand?

Main Takeaway—You Get What You Pay For

When you have surgery that is covered by insurance, it is a priority to select the most qualified surgeon. This high standard should be no different when paying out of pocket for plastic surgery. If your budget is limited, you may qualify for our in-house financing.

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