Breast Procedures in Scottsdale

Your ideal breasts are within your reach!

When it comes to the shape and size of your breasts, it seems like everyone has an opinion. Mainstream media is chock full of busty celebrities and airbrushed photography that sets the bar high for what breasts “should” look like, which leads a lot of women questioning their appearance every time they look in the mirror. No matter what the mainstream media says, you are perfect just the way you are, but if you would like to enhance what you already have, then Dr. Bash would love to assist you in reaching your goal. Dr. Bash has 25 years of experience working with patients just like you who are unhappy with their breast size and shape. Whether you want to go up a cup size with a breast augmentation or rejuvenate the look of your sagging breasts with a breast life surgery, Dr. Bash is one of the best plastic surgeons in her field, so you can count on her to help achieve your goals.

Comprehensive breast procedures

Making you feel comfortable in your own body has always been the main priority of Dr. Bash. That’s why she has dedicated her practice to helping you achieve your ideal body image. To that end, Dr. Bash offers a wide range of surgical breast procedures to fit your needs. She will always take the time to sit down with you and discuss your goals and expectations before determining which breast procedure or combination of procedures is right for your unique needs. Our breast procedures include:

Breast Lift

Time can take a huge toll on the shape and size of your breasts. Changes in weight, breastfeeding, and even the natural aging process can leave you with sagging breasts that have lost all elasticity and firmness. Fortunately, breast lift surgery can raise and adjust the shape of your breasts without using implants.

Breast Implant and Augmentation

arger, fuller breasts are possible with a breast augmentation. Dr. Bash will go over the pros and cons of the different types of breast implants to help you find the perfect match. A breast augmentation can give you the confidence you have always wanted, so contact Dr. Bash to see if implants are right for you!

Breast Reduction

Not only can overly large breasts negatively affect your self-esteem, but they can be painful, irritating, and cumbersome as well. If you want to live a more active lifestyle with breasts that are more proportionate to your body type, then you may benefit from a breast reduction.

Implant Removal

Whether you want to increase/decrease the size of your implants or remove them all together, Dr. Bash is happy to help. Removing implants may also require a breast revision to reshape the breast tissue, but Dr. Bash will establish a detailed plan to help you achieve your desired breast shape and size.

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